lprod.org's project

lprod.org, What is it ?

The lprod.org's project is divided into four main areas of research :

1. Centralizing and bringing together documentation which is available on the internet, and translate it where necessary.

2. Installing easily the software required in a GNU/Linux system and, if necessary, modify it in order to make it more useful.

3. Using software to easily produce free video projects.

4. Creating tutorials, both printed and video, to help beginners.

You'll find practical information, tutorials, pointers, mailing list, and freely licensed files (audio, video, and stills) availableā€¦in brief, everything you need to complete your video editing project !!!

lprod.org today ?

Since we don't claim to be the only ones with this knowledge, lprod.org is a site entirely wiki, totally open to all contributions (with the exception of those coming from the official Cinelerra manual, a Verbatim translation).

Please pass this information around and also make whatever contribution you can, in order that free video editing will become more and more accessible.

Laurent Bellegarde and Eric Seigne, founders of lprod.org :-)

PS: If you have a blog which talks about free video editing, send us your urls from all over the world !!!

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