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Here you will find help and other support for your questions. 8-o But please remember that those responding are volunteers, using their own free time, and thus answers may take awhile. Please be patient.

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In order to pool our ressources and better help each other, there is a mailing list, in French (questions can be in english too), free and open to all regardless of your level of competence.

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The Linux-Graphic Video Forum

Following the 2007 Free Software Meeting and a discussion with Olivier Saraja of the Linux-Graphic team, a dedicated Linux video forum has now been created.

To connect to the forum, go to :

:?: In order to post to the forum, you must first register in advance, using a valid e-mail address, and then activite your account.

To contact someone on the team

Find directions here if you need direct contact with someone on the team, contact.