Start video editing under GNU/Linux

  • To understand how a video file works, please read this documentation 8-O

Various steps, how to begin ???

To download this picture in a very high quality in A2 size, png, (1,2 Mo), click on here

Step 1 : Filming, Shooting

  • First do the filming with a video camera, a camcorder or a digital camera, then transfer the video files on the hard disk of your computer : you obtain rushes (= parts of raw filming).
:?: TRICKS : To carry off =) your filming and shooting

Step 2 : Editing and post-production

  • Then, on the video rushes of your hard disk, you want to do some video editing, audio editing, special effects and post-production work which are going to lead to the making of a complete video work in a good quality and DV encoded (= Digital Video) but very heavy for your hard disk memory.
:?: TRICKS : To succeed in your first video editing, we advise you to use Kino programme. Simple and useful, it will be a precious help for you as a beginner :-D.

For more details, please read the article video of the site which provides you with a complete list of all that you can find about GNU/Linux.

Step 3 : Encoding, exportations, diffusions

  • The last thing to do is encoding your video in a video programme with a video an audio code suitable for the ultimate use of your video.

Depending on the strength of your computer, you can make videos, DVD-videos in a High Definition en 1920×1080 aux vidéos du web en 320×240 ou des téléphones mobiles en 160×120 8-).

:?: TRICKS : The part entitled rapid guides gives key solutions to save as much time as possible.

Is my comptuer ok for video editing ???


To know if your computer is video editing able, visit theses pages ;-)

Choose your video editing software ?

  • You are beginner, Which video software you are going to choose ? Read this guide