lprod.org's depository


This depository was born in 2006 to ease the installing of softwares made for video editing with GNU/Linux Ubuntu.

The packets contained in the depository are elaborated in a coherent way, we make sure that links between softwares are coherent in order to create a reliable digital video chain.

Installing Cinelerra, Kino, DVDstyler, Transcode, Mplayer… and many others easily is possible with its software Synaptic which helps to organise packets and thanks to Eric's work at creating packets (i386 and amd64).

To help us to go on this huge work, please answer our survey about video equipment here.

Advice before using lprod.org

BEWARE :!: : before installing softwares from lprod.org, make sure that your sources.list file does not contain cinelerra cvs, akirad and kiperpedia registration.
  • If the case and if you have installed libraries and softwares, please read this first cleaning guide before adding anything and using lprod.org registration.

Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 depository

We are beginning our packaging upon Hardy version which benefits from 3 years-LTS (Long term support). The depository contains the packets i386 and amd64 ;-)
deb http://lprod.org/deb/hardy/ ./
deb-src http://lprod.org/deb/hardy/ ./


  • Cinelerra 2.1
  • ekd 1.4.2
  • xvidcap 1.1.7rc1
  • manDVD 2.5

Ubuntu 6.06, 6.10, 7.04, 7.10 depositories

We are going on our packaging upon Dapper version which ends its 3-year LTS (Long term support) just as the new LTS Hardy is being held steady, then we will abandon the depository. i386 and amd64 packets are being installed from Dapper to Gutsy.
deb http://lprod.org/deb/dapper/ ./
deb-src http://lprod.org/deb/dapper/ ./

All ready sources.list files

:-P To spare time, you will find steady and practical sources.list files here.

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